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Tim's career as a top Performance Coach, Senior Team-Builder, Workshop Leader and Motivational Speaker is based on 30 years of experience. By understanding culture and focusing on the professional development of key leaders, Tim has become a recognized expert in the field of leadership development.

Tim advises and develops top decision makers of businesses, corporations, and government sections. Tim is a Wharton Fellow, guest lecturer and elected Fellow of The British-American Project - seeking to keep the US/UK alliance strong. As an ordained Episcopal clergyman, he strengthened and led three congregations (1981-1997) and taught and ministered throughout the world while serving as a Third-Party/Track Two Conflict Negotiator. 

Tim is the Author of "Stepping Up: Make Decisions That Matter", (Harper Collins), "Business Companion", (Random House/Living Language), and an original work for, "Making the Most of Change".

Opportunities for Relationship

Keynote Speeches
Motivational Speaking
Offsite Facilitation
Conference Leadership
Workshop Design and Delivery
Executive Coaching

Why Tim And His Team

More Qualified and Experienced
  • Tim has 30 years of coaching, counseling, and speaking experience
  • Tim has served some clients for over a decade and many call him back to provide top tier developmental work for key personnel 
Better Results
  • Tim's clients have a proven track record of increased success
  • Key leaders step up to produce greater results while using improved skills attained through performance coaching

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Honed By Years as a Clergyman
  • Tim has experience counseling and advising all kinds of people through all kinds of situations
  • Led congregational systems
  • Developed outreach projects in Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and their communities

Selected Client Relationships

The Team

Why Values and Culture Matter

Quotes from Tim

"The quality and enjoyment of our work life is experienced in direct proportion to our conscious efforts to align our professional lives with our personal values."

"During our collaboration, going to work becomes more than an obligation. It becomes a meaningful and challenging journey. That which we do becomes linked to who we are and then an authentic possibility of change becomes real. At the heart of the matter, Cultural Architecture is an alchemical process -- there is mystery in every moment, and renewed purpose with every step."

"The gifts of a diverse community can be activated and used to create an organizational culture that will serve our vision for doing work that matters."

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What People Say About Tim

Dobbins takes his diplomatic skills from international conflict negotiation–and his human empathy as an Episcopal priest–and applies both to life in the corporate world. Dobbins’s compelling stories provide enormous inspiration to readers eager to ‘step up’ in their lives.”

Praise for Stepping Up by Timothy Dobbins Nina J. Easton, Washington Bureau Chief, Fortune magazine

“Timothy Dobbins takes the way we look at business leadership and management to a whole other level. His blend of change management skills, applied to both individuals and organizations, is unique in the industry. His authentic and powerful voice makes a difference in the way people make decisions.”

Timothy Dobbins is unique, powerful, and authentic Pat Mitchell, president and CEO, Paley Center for Media (Formerly Museum of Television and Radio)

“Tim Dobbins’ unique background enables him to bring to leadership problems a combination of heart and mind that’s sorely needed in today’s world – a world that requires businesspeople to ‘step up,’ confront, and resolve the challenges of persistent poverty, inequality, disease, conflict, and human rights violations that threaten us all.”

Tim Dobbins brings a unique combination of heart and mind Joe W. (Chip) Pitts III, chair of Amnesty International USA, and lecturer in law, Stanford University Law School and Oxford University

Dobbins shows how thoughtful and decisive decision making can maximize profits without sacrificing the quality of life so many of us want from our work.

“Decisive Decision Making Can Maximize Profits” Gary Green, CEO, Alliance Building Services

Moving Forward

Tim has been invited to host a YouTube show on a Values Driven Life. Production meetings are currently being held.